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Nutritionist Mad About Grass-Fed Milk – What is Wrong Here?

January 30, 2016

This nutritionist was at the store recently. I’ll admit to being a bit obsessed about eating good food for good health. And I saw these two milk cartons in the center. They both cost $5.99. And I got mad. Can you see why? Take a look for yourself….
(Click on the photo to see it larger)

Milk carton at the store are both pastured milk. One is whole fat, one is low-fat. Same price. Unfair. Nutrition tips, omega 3 fatty acids.
Do you know now? The red box on the left center is whole milk from pastured cows. This means they are raised on grass, and their milk is high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids and CLA. It is low in Omega 6’s, because it is not fed grains or beans. Yay!

It is super important to get many more Omega-3s to balance the way to many Omega-6s in most of our diets. Most of us are woefully short of Omega 3’s, and this can cause an inflammatory state. Inflammation is the basis for many, many diseases of all different names.

The whole fat milk also has CLA in it, which stands for conjugated linoleic acid. Here’s info about that from the US Wellness Meats website (for which I will soon be an affiliate):

In separate studies, scientists have shown that CLA can lower an individual’s risk for cancer and arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries), as well as reduce body fat and delay the onset of diabetes.

For Americans, beef and dairy fat are the best sources of CLA, but research has shown that an all-grass diet can significantly increase the level of CLA in beef and dairy. Because green plants are rich in the linoleic acid necessary to produce to CLA, grass-fed animals typically produce two to four times the CLA of their grain-fed counterparts.

So drinking the whole milk is good – higher Omega 3’s, and more vitamin absorption as the calcium and nutrients “ride” into the body on the fats. So this milk has more vitamins, too. Win-win!!

The blue box, grass-fed milk (on right of center) is Reduced Fat. The whole point in having grass-fed or pastured milk is that they contain good things in the fat: high Omega-3’s and more CLA’s. So the low fat box on on the right doesn’t have as much — It’s an inferior product to the whole milk one. Someone has nicked your cream AND Omega 3’s, and taken it off to make butter, and sell it in that form.

So why does the inferior one cost the exact same price? 

Get mad. Get educated. Get the better milk.

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