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Online Course: Raising Your Immunity Through Healthy Lifestyle Practices

December 8, 2016

I’m thrilled to announce the launching of my first healthy lifestyle online course, Raising Your Immunity Through Healthy Lifestyle Practices. This holistic health course shows you natural, alternative medicine practices that may help enhance your immunity. There are seven short video lessons that last three-twelve minutes each, and they cover these topics:

  • Fermented Foods – Why Eat Them, How to Make, Recipe Resources
  • Gut Flora and their importance to the immune system
  • Probiotics – How to Use Them, Cautions with Chronic Illness
  • Prebiotic Foods that feed Gut Flora (easy to find at the market)
  • Herbs That Raise Immune Function, with Cautions
  • Foods That Raise Immune Function (some are well-known to you already)
  • Nutrition: Vitamins that help immunity
  • Lifestyle Practices (like pulling all-nighters) that can lower immunity
    (doing the opposite can raise immunity!)

Helping our immune system is important for great health. As an alternative medicine practitioner, I encourage you to stop reacting to/collecting colds and flus, and then treating them with antibiotics. This can lower your immunity for the future, especially when repeated over and over again. Instead, try exploring natural methods to raise our immune system function naturally, before you are exposed to whatever is going around.

Rebuild and strengthen your gut flora with probiotics and fermented foods before cold and flu season! Eat foods that feed your gut flora to help them flourish. Why not?!

Changing simple daily-life things can have an impact on raising immunity. You could eat certain easy-to-find foods, learn about herbal (or plant) medicine, start adding fermented pickles or yogurt cheese to your menu, or examine your menu to see if it has enough vitamins (certain vitamins impact immunity).

You will learn about several easy-to-find herbs that can help raise immune system function. They are often found at local health food stores. There are some cautions when using these, however.

I walk you through an easy slide show, include links to more videos and resources with each section, and have included a video of yours truly that talks about gut flora recovery and rebuilding after using antibiotics. The whole course is a short hour, with each part from three-10 minutes in length. It includes four quizzes at the end. (And you can take them or not – I won’t tell!)

I hope you will like this course, my first one! Read more and sign up now at this link to Raising Your Immunity Through Healthy Lifestyle Practices online video course. Thanks!

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