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Eating Bugs 101: A Class Just For You! (Fort Collins, CO)

April 20, 2016
Little boy about four years old with glasses shows off a meal worm bug on his tongue. He's going to eat it. Benefits of eating bugs insects in human diet.
Little boy shows off his next snack: a meal worm on his tongue. From The Growing Project website, used with permission.

When Dr. Weston A. Price and his wife toured the world studying people’s teeth and nutrition, he noticed that many of the healthy societies had a much higher vitamin intake than the typical 1930’s American diet (ten times, in fact!). Imagine his shock today, with more sugar and vegetable oils in our diet!! These healthy groups regularly ate wild fish and game, fish eggs, seaweed, grass-fed dairy, organ meats and… bugs! Apparently the creepy crawlers have really high nutritional value.

Well, just for you, I’ve discovered a local class, Eating Bugs 101, at The Growing Project where you can learn how to choose and prepare bugs to savor.

“Terri Randolph and Rachael Sitz research agricultural, garden, and landscape insect pests at Colorado State University. Both are proponents of entomophagy, so their class is all about eating bugs! They will cover what insects are edible, how to prepare insects, and why you should incorporate insects as part of your diet. Samples will be provided!”

It’s on Wednesday, May 25th, and costs $12. There are work trades and other trades available. Register on their Fort Collins, Colorado, events page.

Other upcoming classes include vermiculture (raising garden worms), wild foraging for mushrooms, fruits, or Spring flowers, and herbal medicine making like salves, syrups, and infusions (made like tea).

Alright, who’s brave enough?! Shall we go?

To read more about Weston Price, see the Foundation website here, or find the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Price at your library or bookstore. (Reads like a travel guide)

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