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Black Bean Brownie Recipe – Why Add Black Beans to Dessert Brownie? The beans in the recipe add fiber, which can slow down the absorption of white sugar and white flour in the recipe box. Slower sugar absorption slows the body’s reaction to sugar, which causes the release of insulin. This yo-yo of raised and lowered blood sugar can lead over time to insulin resistance and diabetes. And it is now thought that the body deposits cholesterol in the arteries to protect it from insulin, NOT from the eating of cholesterol.

This recipe came from my friend Mary. It can be made with wheat or made into gluten-free brownies if you use a gluten-free brownie mix.


  • 1 can 15 oz black beans
  • water
  • Brownie Mix (Mary suggests Trader Joe’s gluten free brownie mix- 18-20 oz)
  • 1 egg (optional)


Heat the oven to the temperature listed on the brownie box. Choose the right pan size and type (metal or glass). Grease pan if required, but only halfway up. You actually want the brownies to be able to cling to the sides about halfway up the pan.

Drain and rinse one 15 oz can of black beans. Return drained black beans to can and add new water to cover. Then blend to a puree.

Combine bean puree and one box of brownie mix in a mixing bowl. Add 1 large egg if you would like a softer spongier consistency. Mix well and bake according to box directions.

*Note: You may need to cook the brownies longer than usual, because of the increased water, from the beans. Cook until the edges start to pull away from the sides, and the middle is no longer liquid. You can test them by dipping a toothpick into the brownie, and pulling it out. Normally you want to see no crumbs on the toothpick. In this case, you want to pull them out a little before its all the way done, so it doesn’t end up overdry. The brownie will continue to cook after its removed from the oven.

Cool on a wire rack. Cut from the pan.

Taste The Results~
The resulting brownies tasted just like normal brownies, but with a nice moistness, and earthiness that was satisfying. You won’t get quite the blood sugar spike from eating them, either. The color looked just a little darker than normal chocolate brownies. Enjoy!


Try this new concept in fast food casual restaurants from Las Vegas: fresh sushi! Who would’ve thought it?!  Dishes are served as bowls over rice, or as a Japanese-style burrito, wrapped in seaweed rolls.

Customers order at a counter, similar to Subway, Chipotle, and Garbanzos.

The menu is organized like this: first you choose whether you’d like a burrito (with a wrapper of soy paper, wheat tortilla, or seaweed) or a bowl with brown or white rice, or vegetables. Next you choose your raw sushi meat or cooked chicken, and vegetable toppings. There’s a variety of sauces as well like chipotle mayo, nacho cheese, poke sauce, kimchi aioli (hot cabbage & garlic mayo), sweet chili, ponzu (sweet), creamy cilantro and more.

You can make your own combination from scratch, which would be very helpful for anyone with food issues, or you can chew some of the pre-designed favorites. There are about 10 designed meals.

Look at the choices of sides just above– there’s guacamole, avocado, red onion, green onion, spinach, fresh or pickled jalapeños, cabbage, kimchi (Korean spicy cabbage), cucumber, corn and a lot more.

The food prices start around $7.50 for an adult bowl or burrito meal, with some of the pre-designed meals around $10.50.

The food was really good – fresh and healthy. It was really easy for me to eat, in spite of having multiple food allergies. People who eat Paleo can opt for the vegetable bowl, or a no-rice burrito. Vegetarians can do egg over brown rice or an all-vegetable option. People who can’t handle raw fish can do cooked chicken with nacho sauce over rice or vegetables.

Meat choices included yellow tail, salmon, spicy tuna (ground fine), crab, chicken, omelette or tofu.

This concept came from a professional chef, John Chien Lee, who worked his way up to executive chef at Social House in Las Vegas, but then decided open his own restaurant. This fast food sushi option is just the latest. He has three locations in Las Vegas, and I dined at the 2600 West Sahara Avenue location. The main website is

So next time you’re doing a convention in Las Vegas or visiting for some sun, check out this delicious fast food restaurant.

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