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Diana Sproul, nutritionist, alternative medicine coach, herbalist at Transform Health, smiling in blue shirt, in Fort Collins, Colorado, in Fall

At Transform Health, great health is my passion!

After an initial interview, I help clients enhance their lives through individual Nutritional Guidance, Herbalism and Holistic Health Coaching. I specialize in alternative and functional medicine, food allergy discovery, digestive health issues, and more. I also offer online courses, free videos (see links above), flower essence consultations, Cooking Demonstrations and Classes, and Food Shopping Counseling.

How Does It Work?
I interview clients for an hour to an hour and a half, then try to find clues as to what is causing your main complaint. I then create a plan for you that will be discussed in a follow-up appointment. We may then discuss things like needing different or better nutrition, how food preparation affects absorption, food allergy elimination, changes to food and drink choices, enhancing sleep quality and amount, and possible deficiencies seen from clues from your own body. I hope to help guide my clients to better lifestyle choices overall.

If appropriate, I can then create a personalized herbal formula tailored to your  individual needs. My herbal education focused on how to combine herbs together to meet the individual’s needs, sometimes combing several herbs together to enhance the needed effect. This might take the form of an external wash, a warm tea, a food or herb that is added to foods, or an herbal extract mixed taken with water.

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My individualized plans may help address health issues like these:

  • fatigue/low energy
  • stomach issues (GERD, upset stomach, gut flora, constipation, excess gas)
  • skin problems (eczema, recurrent rashes and dryness)
  • headaches
  • PMS (disruptive, extreme, swelling, moodiness)
  • sleep quality improvement, sleep preparation
  • inflammation reduction (chronic, lasts too long)
  • exercise recovery & methods for lowering inflammation (Read PDF preview)
  • immune enhancement/low immunity/repeated colds
  • liver detoxification – giving the liver what it needs nutritionally to work well
  • insulin resistance/blood sugar issues
  • brain fog reduction
  • enhancing brain health at any age
  • chronic urinary infections
  • chronic/repeating sickness
  • anxiety (to a point, may refer to a mental health worker)
  • flower essence consultation
  • other recurrent problems

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Bring in an Expert to Speak At Your Group’s Next Meeting
Do you need speakers of your next group meeting? I am available for speaking engagements to present info on nutrition, herbal uses, and healthy lifestyle choices. Read more here, on our Speaker page.

Read My Articles on Nutrition, Herbalism, Health, Wellness, Recipes, and Lifestyle Choices:
There are many articles available on this website here, or under the Services Offered link in the header above.

My Approach to Food:
We all strive to nourish our individual bodies with the best foods. But fed isn’t always the same as nourished.

I recognize that there’s food for life, and food for the soul: those foods that perhaps aren’t the best for us, but bring us pleasure. I try to help clients (and myself!) strike a balance so that we can be fully nourished and still enjoy our “soul food” treats in a healthful way. For instance, enjoying our treat after a meal helps it to digest slower, with less insulin release, than eating dessert on its own in an afternoon.

A healthy goal is to try to eat more homemade foods than not, more real foods than unreal, less crazy food dyes, more wild fish and grass-fed meats/dairy where possible, more vegetables than fruits, change our fats to healthier fats, eat enough protein, and lower our intake of fast-absorbing foods, replacing them with whole-fruit or whole grain sources for our treats. In short, keep the body nourished and balanced.

I am based in Fort Collins, in beautiful northern Colorado. I help clients with their health both locally and worldwide. This is possible because of phone and video phone services like Skype, Google Talk and Apple’s FaceTime.

I serve clients in person in these Northern Colorado cities, along Colorado’s Front Range: Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Laporte, Wellington, Windsor, Boulder, Bloomfield, Bellvue, Evans, Estes Park, Johnstown, Berthoud, Hygiene, Greeley, Westminster, Northglenn, Thornton, Niwot, Erie, Firestone, Lafayette, Louisville, Frederick and other cities in Northern Colorado, north of Denver.

Contact me today to book your appointment, and start your journey toward better health: (970) 988-5413 or e-mail me.Or schedule now online:
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